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New Front Air Strut for the ’07-’13 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Features Durable, Custom-Valved Shock

AS-2820 is a new, not remanufactured, aftermarket air suspension strut for the front of the 2007-2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221 Chassis) with AIRMATIC and without 4MATIC.

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This replacement strut, designed and assembled in the USA, features a new custom-valved shock absorber assembled with a durable new Continental ContiTech rubber air spring bladder and no lower isolator seal which is subject to failure on the O.E.

The strut is partly protected by an aluminum can and dust baffle to keep out debris and is assembled with heavy-duty crimping rings, seals, O-Rings and bump stop. This fully assembled air strut plugs directly into the vehicle’s electronic connector and eliminates fault codes.

* New Custom Tuned Shock Damper
* Multi-Ply ContiTech Air Sleeve
* Pre-Assembled for Easy Installation
* Detailed Installation Manual
* Designed & Assembled in the USA

Arnott Remanufacturinng OE Rear Air Struts for the ’02-’09 Audi A8 With Normal Suspension

Arnott Air Suspension Products is now Remanufacturing Rear Left and Right Air Struts for the 2002-2009 Audi A8 (D3 TYP 4E) with Normal Suspension.

Repair failing audi a8 air struts with remanufactured oe - maintains oe damping and functionality

The struts feature an Arnott-engineered air sleeve custom-designed to eliminate the O.E. reservoir. Remanufactured in the USA, each strut is thoroughly tested, cleaned, repainted and then rebuilt with new, heavy-duty crimping rings, new long-lasting O-Rings, new connector valve, new bumpstop, and new dust cover.

The two Arnott® Part Numbers comprising the Right Rear and Left Rear Aftermarket Audi A8 Air Struts — with Normal or Comfort Suspension — include:

— AS-2958: Remanufactured Right Rear Air Strut with Normal Suspension

— AS-2959: Remanufactured Left Rear Air Strut with Normal Suspension

While Arnott’s remanufactured OE Struts support the OE damping functionality they are often in short supply and require a core deposit. Arnott also offers Arnott engineered passive new front struts built with all new tier 1 quality components including a custom tuned shock damper with zero miles that don’t require a core deposit or handling. Arnott designed new struts may offer a cash back option if you return the OE core.  Arnott backs each new or remanufactured strut with the company’s renowned Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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